Mining & Renewable Resources

Our Process

Our process begins by identifying a specific waste output or industrial by-product. We will approach, or be approached by a client to perform an assessment of the waste product.

For 15 years Rightprop has forged relationships with state and independent testing institutions and laboratories where we will send samples for any number of the following tests:

  • Classification of hazardous and non-hazardous materials
  • Full chemical anaylsis
  • California Bearing Ratio (for Civil Engineering products)
  • Sieve analysis on international ASTM and AASHTO standards (for Civil Engineering products)
  • Dissolved Gas analysis (for Insulating Oils)
  • Oxidation, Particle and Viscosity analysis (for Industrial Grade Lubricating Oils)
  • XFR tests (for Ash)
  • Any other tests required

Once we have concluded laboratory testing of the waste product, Rightprop will then identify the best possible uses and offset points for the product by calling on our years of extensive experience and our up to date knowledge of global trends and technology.

Below are some of the institutions we use and accreditation's we aspire to in our testing process: